Good morning!

OK, it is official.  Today I start a blog.

I am off of work right now for the Thanksgiving holiday; I get a few extra days from working through the weekend.  Today is my first day off after 8 days, I hadn’t worked a full week since early October, I didn’t think I could make it!  It wasn’t bad looking back on it, each day kind of melted into the other so I had no concept of what the day was or how many I had worked.  I am not complaining, I know people have to work many more consecutive days than 8 and I am thankful that I have a job I don’t mind going to every morning!  I work with great people, it could have been much worse.

Since this is my first post, I guess I should tell a little about myself.  I am a 25 year old female mechanical engineer.  I live in a small-ish town in northeast Texas, I say small-ish because there is a population of about 30,000 and people are always surprised how big it is when they come to visit (we even have a “big dot” on the map!)

I have a passion for nutrition and fitness since changing my life in 2008.  I had always been overweight growing up and decided to do something about it while I was away for college at Texas Tech University.  I lost 100 pounds in about 8 months through the changes that I made.  I went a little off of the deep end at one point and did some damage to my health, but I am working daily to turn that around.  In January of 2012 I started following the Paleo lifestyle and have seen improvements and am never going back to my low fat/low carb lifestyle.  I will spare you all of the details in this post, but there will be another to chronicle my health journey thus far!

So there are a few things you should know about me before getting started.  I am random, opinionated, passionate, and overuse commas. Not going to lie.

I am a morning person and have been up since 4:45 and I think it is time to be productive.  Probably about to head to the gym then heading out of town for an appointment with my nutritionist!

Have a lovely day 🙂


4 Replies to “Welcome!”

  1. Thank you for building your blog! I enjoy reading about what you are interested in. Now I know what gets you up at the crack of dawn. lol.

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