“love is not a fight…

…but it is something worth fighting for”  That song was on when I was making my coffee.  It is a good one but always gets stuck in my head through most of the day.  This post isn’t really about love at all, except for maybe my new-found love of chorizo .  Seriously, it is good. And super easy, I’ll get to that point eventually.

Yesterday was a good day, I had planned to be all sorts of productive before I needed to go out of town to see my nutritionist.  I had no responsibilities until 2 when I needed to head out, I could possibly get so much accomplished!  How did that go?  I went upstairs to get ready to go the gym and somehow ended up laying back down in bed, woops!  It had been an exhausting morning starting this blog, let me tell you!  So I lay down and tried to take a nice morning nap, but all I could think of was “I should be in the gym, Jen…get up and go to the gym!” My self-talk didn’t get me out of my apartment, it did however, get me up to stretch and then head to the spare bedroom and box for a while.  That is a workout, I think it counts.  I need to be stretching more, I really want to increase my ROM on my squats and my hips have gotten tight since it has been a while before I just worked on my form.   I tell myself at work that I am going to spend 10 minutes at night stretching since I sit for most of the day, but that somehow that gets forgotten when I get home.  I might start doing that in my cube, my co-workers will understand.  Ha!

Anywho, after I spent some time boxing I hopped in the shower to get so fresh and so clean clean. (how old is that song?!) then headed to the kitchen to make lunch.  It was already lunchtime, so much for being super productive. (I had a workout and was clean, I think that is fairly productive for a day off!)  For lunch I made grass-fed veal chorizo I had bought at Whole Foods on my last trip.  O my goodness, it is so stinking good!  Plus super easy and quick, win win win.   I browned the chorizo with some pearl onions that I had, then just put it on top of some spinach with half of an avocado and there you go, a wonderful paleo lunch.  It would be really good with some salsa too, but I didn’t have any, sad day.

After lunch I got ready and went to Sherman for my appointment and to go to the Green Market to stock up on Kombucha and some grass-fed beef.  They also had pastured eggs which was a very exciting bonus since the local chickens here have stopped laying due to the weather changes (thanks, El Nino!)    My nutritionist asked me the list of questions that we always go through and he was very excited at the progress I have made this month.  He said that we finally have some traction and he is going to continue to push me forward.  Apparently we had previously just been spinning our wheels, I thought we had made some progress, my bad.  Next step, fix my digestion, which he will do once he gets my lab results from my normal physician.  I knew I should have gotten a copy of those before I headed out of town, I wish I could have next steps sooner.  Patience is not my strongest suit, but He is working on it.  I pray for help with that regularly when I think about my single-ness haha

When I got back into town, it was time for dinner then to a potluck/game night for the young adult bible study I have started to go to.  I ate leftovers (just as good the second round) then headed out to pick up my friend Betty and head to the get-together.  We walked in and it was CROWDED in the house we were meeting at, I heard they have been trying to grow the group and I think it has been growing.  Success.  Everyone ate some non-paleo food (I always eat before going to social gatherings just in case there are no gluten free options) and we played some Taboo, Team 1 won, woo!   I can be pretty competitive and a stickler for the rules, it was difficult to not make a buzzer sound when people would use hand motions, even with people on my team!  O well, we won and had a good time so I got over the rules thing pretty quickly.  After the first round, Betty and I left because I am an old lady and go to bed early and she had to go to work today, poor thing!  I ended my night with some ginger root tea and aloe vera juice and was asleep by 9:30, it was good.

I can’t believe it is Thanksgiving Eve!  I love this time of year and the holidays 🙂

I am supposed to go see the new Twilight movie this afternoon with my lovely sister, Melissa, I’ll let you know how it goes.  I have higher hopes for this one than the previous one, maybe I won’t be disappointed.

Have a good one!


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