back squats, dead lifts, and box jumps…o my!

Man, o man, I am sore from my productive Wednesday.  I woke up around 5AM on my day off and started the day on a walk with my mom and Grandaddy.  He walks every day and I am glad when I get a chance to join them.  We ended up talking a lot about nutrition and he had a lot of good questions, which is exciting for me.  He is 78 years old and trucking along great, I don’t know how much I can convince him to give up his grains but I tried!  He doesn’t have arthritis, allergies, or any concerning blood work, so I didn’t have anything from that standpoint to convince him to give it a shot.  Seriously, he is in good health and has quite a stride, he walks fast!

After the walk I tried to get some of my running around done since I was up, but the only place I needed to go to that was open before 9 was Kroger so I did my grocery shopping.  Why don’t places open until 9, especially during the week?!  I don’t understand that, what about those of us that are early risers and like to get things done before the rest of the world arises?

O well, I got done what I needed done then decided I could go to the gym.  I’m not going to lie, I think the best thing about starting the day off with a workout is that you have an excuse to wear gym clothes the rest of the day.  Is that bad? I don’t care, it is comfortable and I do it.  This is where the soreness begins.  I wasn’t really feeling a workout so I started out with some 12” box jumps (don’t judge, I have NO vertical) then headed to the squat rack.  I alternated between back squats and dead lifts, I wanted to work on squat form so I think I was only using 115# but they are getting better.  After my reps I did some overhead squats for good measure.  I think overhead squats are a little crazy, I am concerned putting that much weight over my head and didn’t have enough flexibility in my shoulders when I started working on them last year…I had to practice with a broomstick.  I have made good progress though, I was able to get in 3 sets of 5 with 45# before my shoulders had had enough and I lost my last set.  I need to start planning when I am going to add weights to those, I might wait until I have a workout buddy just to be safe.  I finished with some weighted back extensions, GHD sit-ups, and more box jumps for good measure and am feeling it today.  My abs, hamstrings and shoulders are in pain. I love it.

Melis made it into town so we headed to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 as a matinee and due to her anxiety about punctuality we were the first people in the theater.  Tickets are $3.50(!), so I couldn’t say I didn’t want to go because it was too expensive.  Plus, I just want to see them all so I can be done with them.  I will admit that it was better than Part 1 but I was concerned during the opening scenes.  Edward and Bella still make me uncomfortable when they are on screen together with their awkwardness, Edward always looks like he is in pain and Bella never changes her expressions…awkwardness ensues.  However, aside from their awkwardness and a few unnecessary scenes, the movie wasn’t that bad.  I don’t really remember much from the book which was good because I wasn’t sitting there thinking “this didn’t happen like this” which drives me crazy in movies.  I thought that it was good, my biggest take-homes were; Kellan Lutz (Emmett) looks better with color and I want to do a pixie cut again like Ashley Green (Alice).   That was the point of the whole series, right?  I think so.

We went out to my parents’ house for dinner; my dad had cooked a pork roast and sweet potatoes on the Green Egg, very paleo friendly and delicious!  After dinner we began the Thanksgiving preparations, I made chewy walnut brittle and now have a blister on my finger from trying the molten sugar mixture. Note to self: melted honey and coconut sap is HOT…I think it might have been worth it though.

My mom and I might be heading out for a run today, maybe that will help my sore muscles…we’ll see about that :-/

Have a good day!


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