“May your medicine be your food”

Quote on the wall at my nutritionist's office

I think we too often forget the idea of this and want a quick fix for our issues.  I am now such a believer in the healing power of whole foods because of the improvements that I have experienced.

Not only has it helped me regulate my weight without hours of cardio, but no more seasonal allergies, eczema, or acne and my blood sugar is much more stable so I don’t  have to eat 6 meals a day or get shaky and irritable in search of my next snack.  It isn’t that I just feel better; my blood work is starting to improve too!

If you are curious if food could change your life, give paleo a try.  Why not try it for 30 days, it is a quick trial and if you don’t have any benefits that are worth it to you, you can say you gave it a shot.  I would suggest starting by reading “Practical Paleo”, “It Starts With Food,” and/or “The Paleo Solution.”  These are great sources of information on this lifestyle.


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