Make Him Smile


I wrote about my lunch date with Scott in my previous post “A Tale of Two Weekends” and mentioned the discussions that we have a habit of getting into.  Scott and I have been discussing religion for the past several months and this lunch date was no different. I am a follower of Christ and fully believe in the Bible; I continually share my beliefs and views with him to which he replied on Friday, “I like the way you think of it, I like your version.”  MY version.  I wish I could take credit for it, but I would be lying.  I believe that it is not about religion, it is about a relationship with God and living a life filled with love.  I did not come to this view on my own, I have listened to many Bible scholars who have shared the Word and pointed these things out clearly in the Bible.  I tried to reassure him of this and that there were MANY people in Dallas who felt the same way about it as I did.  He has agreed to go to Watermark with my sister and me on a Sunday that I am in town.  I’m very excited for that.

Our discussion went several directions and brought up a lot of questions that he had about things and some of the issues he had with Christianity, which I’m sure will lead to several more posts.

One thing he said was that he thought that we were all seeking a purpose for our lives.  I completely agree with this statement and have written a post about it, “Who Am I” and have struggled with this same question for some time.

The past couple of weeks the Bible study I have been attending has been about being disciples and becoming a disciple maker, which we are called to do.  We have been given the Great Commission to spread the Good News of the Gospel and Christ’s love for us, which sounds like an easy job.  God’s love is great, He is awesome…easy enough, right?  But we get caught up in being concerned with being judged and that people will think we are crazy…at least I do.   I lean more towards the relational discipleship way.  I talked about this for a little bit and then shared a thought that I had Friday on my way to Dallas while I was praying about the day and things that were going on.  I pray out loud in the car…crazy maybe, but I will get over it. 🙂  Anywho, what I realized Friday was that I want to live daily to make God smile.

I am back in my hometown and even work at the same place as my dad.  I feel that this puts an added level of pressure on me at work because I don’t want to disappoint him or make him look bad in any way.  I have always been more worried about disappointing my parents than making them mad.  The short term anger or yelling I could handle (it didn’t happen often) but the “Jennifer, I’m disappointed in you” would tear me up.  I don’t ever want to hurt my family or act in a way that would lead to disappointment.

As I was driving I realized this about God.  God is our father and wants what is best for us. I have heard this for as far back as I can remember, but for some reason it stuck out to me that morning.   What am I doing to make God smile?  I don’t want to disappoint Him, but I sometimes don’t always think about this through my day to day life.  I am not always intentional about living a life to glorify God.

I shared that I want to be intentional and make God smile daily…this made me all warm and fuzzy inside and put a big smile on my face…I’m a dork.

So, another new goal of mine is to be intentional and live to put a smile on God’s face.  I know that I will make mistakes and mess up, but he is a great and loving God who will be there for me every day to give it another shot.


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