What’s my age again?

Another week has flown by and I have another weekend with no plans on a Saturday.  I am super excited about this, considering last Saturday I didn’t put on “real clothes” until 3PM. And that was just workout clothes.  Success.

It has been a super busy week since the holidays seem to add an extra layer of busyness to our lives.  It starts on Sunday with church, YoungLife leader meeting, then our Campaigners group that night, setting my week bedtime a little past what I would prefer.  Then comes Monday, which is typically meetings most of the day at work then YoungLife club.  This week’s club was a little different; it was tacky Christmas sweater party and our Christmas scavenger hunt.  It was a lot of fun going around town with a group of the students getting pictures with various items on the list.  Shelby and I didn’t have the most competitive team though; they were content with just being out and about together.  We tried to rally the troops for some motivation, but to no avail.  We went back to the starting location and had 70 points…the winners had 230 and got free frozen yogurt. (I didn’t have any, no worries.)  While the points were being tallied,  Tawney read the Christmas story and the kids were anxiously awaiting their frozen treat.  O!  Speaking of frozen treat, it actually snowed on Monday morning!  Of course the night that we are going to be running around town it gets cold and snows.  It snowed for about 30 minutes and I got to see it on my way to work, but nothing stuck. I am totally OK with that, I don’t get snow days anymore and it just seems to make things look dirty when it melts.  I digress.  After club I got in past my usual bedtime again, so I went straight to bed.


Our group of students in Santa's sleigh! My Christmas sweater borrowed from my mom (not tacky!) and out group of students in Santa’s sleigh

Tuesday I have Bible study at FBC, where I took a test to determine my Fruits of the Spirit.  My top two were mercy and discernment, followed by 6 fruits that were tied for third.  Maybe I am a well balanced tree?  I don’t think so, I just had a lot of 1s when I was taking the test.

Wednesday rolled around and I didn’t have anything that I had to do after work (yay!) but I needed to get some White Elephant gifts for the parties on Thursday and Friday night.  I headed to Hastings right after work to get some humor books which was an idea provided by my lovely mother.  I ended up getting 4 books that I thought would be funny and I wouldn’t  mind getting if I didn’t like any of the other gifts that were going around.  (I planned ahead) After that successful shopping trip, I headed to Big Lots for wrapping supplies and then Kroger for a few groceries that I was out of. (spinach, kale, and salmon)  So much for not having anything to do after work, I got to my apartment around 5:30 that evening so I showered, made dinner, and I was in for the night.

Thursday was another day of meetings, we had 2013 planning meeting on Wednesday and Thursday…talk about some serious brain drain.  I feel like my 2013 is planned out for the first half of the year and is already gone.  I have several rounds of coverage (13 hour days – some on night shift) for project support in the first half of the year, but no sense in stressing about it now, that is what they pay me for.  I am blessed to have a job and work with people I enjoy to be around.  Thursday night was the YoungLife leader White Elephant party thrown by our committee, which was a great time.  It is so good to be around that many people who you can tell love the Lord and are filled with the joy that comes with it.  I had the last number, #23, and when it was my turn I knew what I was going to steal.  There were some legit gifts, but one in particular that I needed. (yes, needed)  I stole the Scentsy wall-plug that had been brought.  I have one, but the bulb burned out while I was at Tech and I hadn’t replaced it so I thought it was easier just to get a whole new one!  I would say that I was victorious in that gift exchange.  I left the party around 9:30, which again is past my usual bedtime.

I finally made it to Friday!  It amazes me that during the week it seems like it will never come, but when it gets here I am surprised that another week has past.  It was my co-op’s last day at work, so I gave her evaluation and then we went to lunch at a BBQ place in town with our team and some other co-ops.  I had the smoked turkey and brisket, which are gluten free.  No bread or sides needed, just some protein-my inner cavewoman was happy.  I had my second White Elephant Christmas party Friday night hosted by John and Stephanie from work.  They are the party throwing couple, I don’t know how they do it with a baby now!  It was a good time with lots of good treats and company.  I stayed away from the food and drink at both parties; I brought me a kombucha then just drank water for the rest of the night.  I don’t want to suffer the consequences of eating or drinking something that I am unsure of.  I am trying to give my system time to completely detox.  Anywho, I ended up stealing the books that I had brought after my original Armor-All gift set had been stolen from me.  One is “The Perfectly Useless Book of Useless Information” or something like that (it is upstairs and I don’t care enough to go up and get it) but it is going to be good.  I LOVE useless information, so happy day for me.  I got in after 9:30 again last night, it has been a late week for me.

How old have I become?!  These late nights are rough on me, and of course I wake up at 4:45 this morning.

That is a snapshot of my week, I hope you have had a great one as well.


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