Christmas shoes, Christmas handbag, and bacon – who could ask for anything more?!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

It is definitely looking more like Christmas than feeling like Christmas!  Especially with the gifts that are beginning to accumulate under my tree.  I had a few days this week that I woke up at 3AM (for no apparent reason other than my body wanted up) so I had some free time to get my wrapping done.  It looks good except for a ridiculous round present – seriously, who sells things in round packaging this time of year?  You know someone is going to have to wrap that, and my wrapping skills are not at that level.  O well, it is what’s inside that counts, right?

The round present.  Not too shabby...
The round present. Not too shabby…

This week was an exciting week.  Apparently December 18th is a big day in my life.  In 2009 it was my last day as a co-op at the plant, 2010 I graduated from Texas Tech, and in 2012 I had a foot of hair cut off.  Yes, I have chopped my hair off once again.  It was time for a change, with the length it was at it looked good when I fixed it, but by the end of the day…not so much.  I felt like it was just there and weighed me down.  So I decided it was time to cut it off, especially now since I am single and don’t have a boyfriend telling me not to cut it off. (I have a few co-workers whose significant others do not want them to cut theirs)  My hair, my choice  🙂

The before/after of my hair cut!
The before/after of my hair cut!

I love the responses that I get from girls; “I love short hair, but I would NEVER do that”  …I’m not sure what that means.  Thanks?   I was also told again this week that I look just like Cameron Diaz, I’ll take that as a compliment!

Yesterday I had another nutritionist appointment so I was off to Sherman then headed to Dallas to see Melis, Scott, and Matt.  One of my sister’s best friends from high school, Seth, is in from New York so he came with me and kept me company on the journey.  My nutritionist appointment went well, he is impressed with the progress that I have made and is going to call me Monday with his schedule for me.  He is going to work on my adrenals because in his words, “they are shot.”  This wasn’t a surprise for me to hear, so I am looking forward to the next few months as we progress further through the protocol.

After that Seth and I began the day full of shopping.  We went to a few stores in Sherman then ate at Chipotle (of course, if I am near one around eating time I will be eating there!).  This began a very interesting conversation that lasted through lunch all the way to the outlets in Allen and will lead to several posts, I’m sure.  I  need some time to process it, but it highlighted again the misconceptions that people have about God and Christianity.  (I believe they are misconceptions – he might disagree) I was again faced with the “you don’t think like this, but most…”  – I am not alone in my beliefs and I did not come up with them on my own.

More to come on that topic, but right now – shopping!  My first purchase was a gorgeous Michael Kors purse; love it!  Merry Christmas to me from Grams, thank you Grams, it is beautiful.  It will be wrapped and placed under the tree where I will look SHOCKED when I open it on Monday night.  I can’t wait.  We hit up a few more stores and enjoyed the warm sunny day as we walked from place to place.  We spent the most time in Aldo; I warned him I was dangerous in a shoe store.  We each got some super cute shoes that were on clearance. Success.  The ones I got are yellow rain boots that look like Converse, so stinking adorable.  We then headed off to our last stop, Whole Foods (of course) where I got my bacon and kombucha (ha!)

Some of our bags from our eventful shopping trip
Some of our bags from our eventful shopping trip
Some of my purchases.  It was a good trip.
Some of my purchases. It was a good trip.

We made it to my sister’s apartment when she had just finished wrapping my last present, just a few minutes earlier and I might have gotten a glimpse of it!  We spent the afternoon at her apartment then went to meet Matt and Scott at Cyclone Anaya’s for dinner.  I had the ceviche, which was wonderful.  They don’t have much in the realm of gluten free options, so that was the safest bet.

Wrapping presents!
Wrapping presents!
Melis and I in our Christmas pants trying to make the shape of a Christmas tree - obviously
Melis and I in our Christmas pants trying to make the shape of a Christmas tree – obviously

It was so good to be around Matt and Scott again, I love those boys.  We had a good time at dinner then hung out a bit before the boys went out on the town.  I am an old soul; I can’t handle those late nights anymore. 🙂

The plan for today is to finish up Melissa’s shopping then I am heading back home.  I am hoping she wakes up early so we can hit the stores before they get too crowded.  I have mentioned my love of crowds before….Patience will be key!  It is still being worked on.

Have a good one!


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