Happy Holidays!

Man, it has been a little while!  I apologize to those who have missed reading my posts over the past week, I am sure you are going through the stages of withdrawal now.  Well have no fear, Jen is here and I am back!  With the holidays I have been a little distracted and haven’t really turned on my computer much at all.  I had a great Christmas, got some goodies, and spent a lot of time with my family.  We have had several game nights with my Grams and Aunt Theresa, and I really don’t know the last time I have laughed as much as I did when we were playing Scattegories and SkipBo – It was a blast. 

We actually had a white Christmas!  We got quite a bit of snow; I have heard 3-6 inches but am not sure of the actual number.  I could look it up I’m sure…but I am ok with that guesstimate.  I like to look at the snow when it happens, but it started during our afternoon nap so I saw it for about 2 seconds then went to sleep.  After I woke up it was pretty – then I was a bit over it.  I am not a big fan of the cold and with as windy as it was, I was not about to go outside and play in it.  It is pretty much gone now except for the areas that never see the sun, it seemed a bit warm yesterday when I was out in the sun.  That could be because I had just gotten done with a ridiculous leg workout, but I will say it was warm.  I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to make it to my car when I was walking out of the gym; my legs were nice and wobbly.  Surprisingly enough, I am not sore this morning, but I’m sure that will change tomorrow.   I did 135# back squat, 45# overheads (I am getting more comfortable with them, about to start trying more weight), and 250# leg press with some negatives for good measure (I think that is what effected my ability to walk after)

Before the gym, I went to see Les Mis with my mom and Melis.  O my goodness, it was fantastic.  Second only to the production I was in at my high school in 2002.  Ok, maybe we weren’t THAT good, but considering we were a high school production we gave them a good run for their money.  Several scenes are tear-jerkers for you emotional ones out there.  I am quite a bawl-bag in movies, so I could have used some Kleenex – which I typically have on hand with the sweet wallet packs that we make, but I switched purses and forgot to grab them.  (I got a fantastic red Michael Kors bag for Christmas – very exciting)  I was pleasantly surprised during the movie that my eye didn’t burn when I teared up.  For the past few months my eyes have been burning terribly when I tear up from anything, which causes more tears and more burn – it is an endless cycle of pain!  Seriously, it is rough.  I do not wish this upon anyone.  My ophthalmologist prescribed me a new brand of contacts, but I haven’t filled my prescription yet (I have been wearing my glasses a lot so I don’t think that that is it) My nutritionist asked about it and didn’t seem surprised when I told him they burned, so maybe he has a plan in store for me…I am hoping so, my new supplements are in the mail now, so maybe the fix will be in there!  I digress.  Les Mis was awesome, I highly recommend it for anyone who is a musical fan – possibly even if you aren’t a musical fan, it is something to see.  It is not a happy go-lucky movie that makes you all warm and fuzzy on the inside after you watch it though; just a warning. 

With the new year on the horizon, I will be thinking of challenges for me to act like I am going to accomplish.  I am going to look into Paul Chek’s information on how to make goals that stick; I’ll let you know what I find out.  I hope everyone has had a great holiday season and spent some good time with your family!


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