Bring it on, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy New Year’s Eve and are waking up without too much of a hangover if you took part in the typical festivities.  I was once again asleep at the stroke of midnight and I am totally OK with that.  I enjoyed my sleep and awoke on the first day of the year refreshed and ready to begin!

I had an interesting event to end 2012 – I blew out my tire while on the way to go grocery shopping.  Lucky for me, my dad came in and saved to day by changing my tire (in the rain – Father of the Year winner right here!) then driving my flat spare to Discount Tire.  Unfortunately, I bent the wheel enough that they couldn’t replace the tire, so I will be driving my dad’s truck until I get a new rim.  O well, at least it is just a wheel and I am A-OK along with the body of my car.  It could be much worse!

My dad changing my tire in the rain while I observed in my new rainboots.  Father of the year right here!
My dad changing my tire in the rain while I observed in my new rainboots. Father of the year right here!

After that traumatic event (hehe), my sister came and picked me up so I could spend the evening with the family and stay at my parents’ casa.  We shot our new guns for a little bit and then headed inside to get warm.  We spent the evening playing Scattegories once again; which I won…again 🙂  Melis can be a bit competitive (I joke about a BIT –she is extremely competitive) so she was less than thrilled about my 100 points versus her 89 after 12 rounds.  After many challenges of words; we all still love each other and get along fine…after we shut the game books.

Melis and I out shooting in the cold.
Melis and I out shooting in the cold.

Anywho, I apologize for the apparent randomness.  I thought about recapping 2012 and thinking back on all that happened…but that seems to be a bit mentally and emotionally taxing at the moment so I will refrain.  I had an awesome year with ups and downs which I will quickly recap:

At work:

I had my objectives change 3 different times, moved departments and cubes  (which led to strengthening a friendship with a great person), and developed my leadership skills through a mentorship of an awesome engineering student – she is going to do well wherever she ends up.

My health:

has had dramatic improvements, even though my weight has seen some fluctuations. My bloodwork is improving and my hormones are beginning to balance (I have the wonderful side effects of being a female now) – 2013 will bring more improvements I’m sure and am excited to see the results.

New friends:

I have made new friends throughout the year and am looking forward to them developing and growing in the future.

My faith walk:

My faith has gotten stronger and my study has increased significantly this past quarter.  Through challenging questions from a friend, I have dug deeper and grown in my walk.  I know that I will continue to grow and benefit from the study that has begun to grow deeper roots in my life.  I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me – I know that it will be awesome and He has big plans!

Ok, so that was a bit more than I had planned…but it is good to see these changes!  I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for me, maybe a new love relationship in the future?  Hrmmm….just a thought lol

Resolution time!  I hope to do more by focusing on less; I want to be able to commit more of me to a few things that I am passionate about than try to do everything and not be able to fully commit.  I think this will reduce my stress and lead to a happier me.

I hope you are starting 2013 off with people you love and have a truly blessed year!


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