Morning by morning new mercies I see…

Thank you, Maggie, for writing about the sweet potato brownies from Paleomg.  I saw these on her blog and just happened to have all of the ingredients necessary to make them.  Perfect.  I made them yesterday morning, and really had trouble not eating the whole pan.  I really tested my self control, and surprisingly enough still have some left to snack on!  I added chopped almonds and coconut flakes to mine and they are delicious!  I don’t eat your typical sweets though, so I might like them more than someone who eats the standard American diet.  (That is my disclaimer for those of you thinking to try it and eats “normal food”)

Sweet Potato Brownies - So good.
Sweet Potato Brownies – So good.

After I made the brownies it was time for a run.  It wasn’t the most ideal weather, but I layered up and headed to the trail.  I completed week 4 day 1 of the couch to 5k program and my heels didn’t hurt me too bad.  While I was jogging, I listened to a sermon by JP from Watermark on a Tuesday night Porch service.

The Porch is their young adult service and man JP is good.  He is not afraid to step on some toes, speak the truth, and is very convicting.  I chose to listen to the first of a series titled “Satisfied” and the first one was “Living Unsatisfied.”  He posed an interesting thought at the end; what if God is not giving us things that we think we want because it will take us away from Him?  He uses the examples of him not having the #1 Christian podcast, being a leader of a mega-church, etc.   What if he had these thing?  Would he still feel the need to go to God for things?  Would he be satisfied in the worldly possessions and stray from his relationship with God?  Interesting thoughts.  This got me to thinking; maybe God is being merciful to me by having to go through these health issues so I cling to Him.  Maybe God’s mercy is me NOT having a relationship right now, so I seek His love and guidance in my life.  Maybe He is protecting me and growing our relationship until I am able to have those things and still have a strong enough walk to not stray to the things of the world.  OK, so maybe those shouldn’t be “maybes”…


This was good to listen to while running alone, definitely gives some good thinking time.  And helps remove the question of, “is this interval done yet?! I am ready to walk” – didn’t really worry about that yesterday.

After the run, I ate grass-fed roast that I made in the crock pot the other day.  It was mighty tasty!  Then I headed out to my parents’ house to hang out with Bo, who came inside and slept the WHOLE afternoon.  Seriously, that dog really likes to nap.  He laid down when I got there around 1:00 and didn’t wake up to go outside until I was leaving after 5:00, such a lazy dog.  While I was there I did laundry, napped, and spent way too much time on Pinterest.  Seriously.  I had a movie going on in the background and spent a good hour scrolling through the humor category checking out the memes.  That thing sucks you in and is like a time warp.  I kept thinking, I could be doing something else….but did that happen?  Nope.

I sometimes feel guilty on days where I am not too productive; within our society we get so caught up in the busyness and think that means we are good.  Some days we just need to relax, not stress, let our bodies recover, and just be.  How often do we allow ourselves that time to just be?  We are always reliving what has happened in the past and worrying about what is going to happen in the future.  How often are we just here in the present and find peace and happiness there?  I know I personally have trouble with this.  No wonder my stress levels run high and my adrenals are fatigued!

Today, my plan is to go to church, grocery shop, make some chicken curry (yum!), head to the gym, and then out to my parents’ house again to hang out with our spoiled dog.  Man, that seems like quite a list for a Sunday!  I have all day though, I will try to not get too worked up about it and feel like I must get everything crammed in.  I can’t control it all (even though I like to try)

Have a great Sunday and a fantastic week!


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