A Heart Full of Love

power made perfect in weakness

Les Mis strikes again!

What a whirlwind February has been!  I had been stressed about this month (despite my NY resolution) because of how busy it was going to be, and now that it is over it wasn’t too bad!  Here is a synopsis of my last few weeks: 1/31-2/4 I was on coverage (work ~13 hour days), Texas Tech recruiting 2/12-16, back shift coverage (6:30PM-6:45AM) 2/18-21, and A Walk to Emmaus 2/21-2/24.  And that brings me to today.  The fourth day.

The past three days have been quite an experience and it all began on Thursday night when I began a journey with fellow sisters of Christ.  We all had different starting points, different paths, and different take-aways, but it is all for one thing that is constant and never changing.  We serve an awesome, powerful, loving, and gracious God.  We laughed together (“ECARG!), cried together, worshipped together, broke bread together, and now we go forward to live life together with Christ.

This was possible with the help of countless volunteers and prayer warriors who have been preparing for our weekend acting as the hands and feet of Christ well in advance of our arrival.  There was so much Agape love shown in many ways each time we turned around or entered a room – I ended with a bag full of love; so I need to apologize to my roommates and tablemates for having to hear me sing that several times throughout the weekend 🙂

For those of you who are not familiar with A Walk to Emmaus; it is a 72 hour journey with God…with no phone, no watch, no internet, no outside distractions from the world.  It is an awesome experience that means something different most everyone in the retreat.  We are asked at the end “What did this weekend mean for you?” and “What are you going to do with that?”  Well, there were many different answers given, and mine changes a little each time I reflect back on the weekend.

It made me wonder once again “What is my purpose in life?”  We all have a purpose, of this I am sure.  I have asked myself this many times over the years – even written about it, and this weekend was no different.  It brought up ideas and thoughts that I have had before but didn’t think too much about because I wasn’t too keen on the idea.  Maybe this is God tapping me on the shoulder once again to give me a little nudge.

Another take-away;  we are all called to make Disciples for Christ and to give Him glory.  Fun fact! (you know how I love those) If you were to go out and make one disciple maker this year, and they did the same next year and you continue – there would be 8.59 billion disciple makers in 33 years.  Billion – with a B.  And that starts with ONE!  We could change the world, one Disciple at a time.

I will never forget this weekend, and look forward to bringing what I have learned into my fourth days.

De Colores!


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