“Where the mind goes the man follows”

Oh my goodness good things are happening.  And it isn’t the weather…

We have had some dreary looking weather Thursday and Friday, which would have been perfect nap weather had I not been at work.  So today, I will take advantage of the rainy nap weather. Yes. It will be good.

I have big plans for today; laundry and nap – since I have gotten my grocery shopping done this morning.  I am glad to have another day where I don’t have any “real plans” and can just chill at my place and relax.  However, it could be dangerous for me to stay inside since I have just discovered modcloth.com.  I went there this morning and already have quite a wish list going!  I think I am going to keep it on the wish list for the dresses and swimsuits until my I see my nutritionist again next month.  I want to talk to him about his plans and expectations of my hormone/weight situation before I drop too much money on new clothes.

That brings me to the good things that are happening.  The week before last was a rough one for me with internal struggles, but things are turning around.  I realized this Wednesday that I had made it a full day without saying anything negative about my body – that was a big step!  I am now going on day 4 without a negative thing about my body coming out of my mouth.  It might not seem like a big deal to some people, but it is a big step for me.  I sometimes catch myself with the internal negative self-talk, but am working on that as well and have noticed it isn’t as often as it was even 2 weeks ago!  “Where the mind goes, the man follows”  so I am “training” my brain to not go down that route, because it is a frustrating place to be in.  Why allow myself to say things about my own body that I wouldn’t dare say about someone else because of how hurtful it could be or because IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER.

That is my biggest thing, it doesn’t matter.  I know, I know…I have said this before.  I tend to get on a soapbox about this and challenge some things that I hear and point to the media and how much it is changing our minds and dictates what we think and perceive as beauty/success.

I think a big driver in my change is that I am finally not stressing over my body and calculating everything that I eat.  I am still 100% paleo, but am not freaking out over every little thing.   I have a general idea of the macros that I am consuming throughout the day from my years of counting and tracking my food, but I don’t spend energy analyzing it.  I enjoy my meals and eat a ton of vegetables with protein and good fats, but most importantly – I ENJOY MY MEALS.  I am eating things because I like them and I know that they are good for me and are healing me from the inside out.

I know they are healing me from the inside out because I can feel it.  I think my hormones are beginning to regulate because I have had a cycle for the past several months (TMI – sorry) and my eyes no longer burn!  I forgot to tell my nutritionist that, but it was an exciting day when I realized my eyes have stopped burning when I tear up, I think he will be excited to hear that too.

I started the Olympic lift training a few weeks ago and have improved my form on dead lifts and power cleans – woo!  I changed my training from Tuesday to Thursday this past week because I had a hair appointment on Tuesday, and let’s face it – that is important stuff.  So by the time Thursday rolled around I had had an appointment or something to do every day after work so I wasn’t feeling like training.  I texted my trainer  “Sorry to change again, but I am not going to make it this afternoon”, to which he replied “Glad u said something I’m outta town anyways ok let me know nxt week” (side note: text messaging has done wonderful things to grammar and the English language – don’t get me started)  Really?!  He forgot about our session and went out of town…I am his client and am paying him…what in the world?  I was very surprised by this response; couldn’t he have just said “OK, let me know about next week”?  haha o my.  Well, I don’t think that I will be going next week; I can tell he will miss me…

The crossfit gym is opening next month, which I am really excited about.  I think that it will be good, but I don’t think that I will be giving 100% in my workouts until my hormones and adrenals are back in line and healthy.  I don’t want to chance going back down that trail.

I think that another reason things have been turning around for me is because I haven’t been working out as much as I used to.  I have been heading to the local track to walk when the weather is nice, but outside of that I have been resting when I am not super busy…which isn’t as often as I would sometimes like.

Well this has been a nice and random post that could be difficult to follow, sorry about that.

Synopsis:  Good things are happening because I am changing my thoughts 🙂

“Change your words, change your life.”


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