My first WOD

Well, not really my first WOD (Workout Of the Day).  But it was my first WOD at our new gym that just opened today!  Heck yes!  OK, I am just going to give you all a heads up now – I might turn into one of those annoying crossfitters that writes and talks about CF in most of my posts…you have been warned.  I think that it will be really good for me though, I am looking forward to it.  I know I had previously said that I wasn’t going to give 100%, but after today’s workout I don’t think that is going to happen.  A guy next to me was ahead of me on the rower, and let’s face it…that is not OK.  So I booked it through and finished in 5:45 (first in my group). Not too shabby for my first one in the gym!

Here was the workout:

500m row

40 squats

30 sit-ups

20 push-ups

10 pull-ups

I did girl push-ups and jumping pull-ups, since I can’t do a real pull-up…10 would have taken me days.

Update on the trainer: I did not call him back for another session, and I saw him today at the new gym.  Awkward.   I wonder if I should tell him he needs to work on his etiquette for future clients?  Maybe if the opportunity arises…no, I probably won’t.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic week!  I will get back to more regular posts and updates this week, before some more busyness happens in my life this month!  I need to catch up…there is more to come 🙂


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