My pants are getting tighter, but my days become brighter!

I think that will be my new motto at the moment!  It is interesting to me how that is happening – sometimes frustrating, but I will be alright.   The saga of my water retention and “fake weight” gain continues.  I don’t know what he was talking about “fake weight” it sure does feel real when I put on my pants and they are a little more snug each week!  Once again, I think I would be A-OK with this transition if I weren’t so dang uncomfortable in my work pants.  They are tight in the hips which makes my pockets stick out; it’s real cute.  They are tight in my hips because I have large quads and bum…which I don’t mind, it is just not ideal when I don’t know how big they are going to be any given day! Plus our work pants are not made for people with any kind of bum; I think they are made for very slender people…and let’s face it – that ain’t me!  I go to the see nutritionist on Tuesday and I have called to let him know that the water retention is frustrating me and I would like to take care of that, so I am hoping he has something for me when I go I in and I don’t have to wait for shipping and all of that jazz. 

I called about the water retention for a few reasons; first was obviously for the frustration in not knowing if my clothes are going to fit.  I am going to be honest, I haven’t tried to put on a pair of jeans in a long time.  Stretchy workout pants and maxi dresses are definitely my go-to outfits these days.  I would probably do this anyways, but I definitely don’t want to deal with the possibility of an emotional breakdown because none of my jeans fit.  I am getting better – but I’m not there yet!  My second reason for calling him was about health concerns from water retention.  I started doing some searching (bad idea, I know) and read about some of the health implications that can happen from retaining water.  I have been having chest tightness and even needed my inhaler recently, which hasn’t happened in a long time.  I read that this could be a side effect of water retention because of fluid around the organs – o my!  So, that needs to be addressed…quickly.  If he doesn’t have an answer I will be heading back to my nurse practitioner to get lab work done and check my renal function again, just to be safe.  I will let my nutritionist have one more shot, then off for another opinion!

Side note: The news is on while I am tying this and they just did a story over an 8” spider…the size of our face.  No. Ma’am.  Not OK!  At least they can’t fly?

Another side note:  I bought more colorful socks to wear to work.  I have to make a statement somehow in my work uniform, right?  I am excited about them…don’t judge.

New colorful socks I bought to wear to work.  It's about the small details in life :-)
New colorful socks I bought to wear to work. It’s about the small details in life 🙂

O my WOD!

I have officially been a member of a crossfit gym for a week now, and have been to 5 classes.  Good stuff!  I have really enjoyed the gym and thought the workouts have been very challenging.  It has been a reminder of how out of shape I have allowed myself to get due to this whole full-time job situation.  I can’t blame it all on the job, a lot of it is that I have not motivated myself to workout and push myself as hard as I need to…but I like to use the job excuse 🙂

This is just a starting point, and reminds me I have a lot to improve upon.  Maybe I will be a games competitor in 2014!  (…or 2015)

Speaking of a games competitor  – I told a guy at Bible study on Tuesday that I was going to compete next year and he laughed!  How rude!  OK, I couldn’t say it without laughing, but he could have at least not laughed….

Anywho, the workouts have been intense but I haven’t been as sore as I was expecting.  My abs were sore after Tuesday night’s workout, but that is really all I have noticed.  Maybe I am not using enough weight, but I didn’t think that I was going to make it through all of the thrusters during Thursday’s workout.   I also have my first CF injuries; I have bruises on my shin from the sumo deadlift high pulls, a blister on my thumb from the pull-ups and thrusters, and a bruise on my left thigh…which I am really not sure where it came from.  Another girl at the gym has the same thing and we couldn’t figure out how we managed to do that.  I will be paying more attention to my form to see what is going on there…if I can.

The WODs that I completed - I worked late on Wednesday so didn't make it to the gym
The WODs that I completed – I worked late on Wednesday so didn’t make it to the gym

So yes; my pants are getting tighter but my days are getting brighter.  God continues to amaze me with the daily blessings that He places all around us.  I look forward to the end of the workday so I get to head to the gym and be around a group of people who are interested in similar things and ready to break a sweat.  O, good stuff.  Just have to keep your eyes open!


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