“The spirit is willing…”

“…but the body is weak!”


Is it weird that this goes through my head while I am working out?  I made it through today’s workout in 19:48, not too shabby.  It wasn’t the fastest time, it wasn’t the slowest time, but neither of those matter.  It was my time, and I completed it!  I didn’t do the prescribed weight on the front squats, I used 35# and the girls did dips on the box instead of rings. (thank goodness, or I would still be in there trying to get through the first round of dips!)  That is A-OK, I have progress to make, I am not perfect – I have somewhere to grow from.  

I love stuff like this, during the run I was cheering other people on and they thought I was nuts!  After the workout a woman said to me, “you must not have been working hard enough since you could cheer us on while going, I wanted to kick you but I couldn’t even breathe!” – She meant it as a good thing…I think 🙂

After the workout I came home and made salmon and sauteed cabbage, your typical homemade dinner for a 25 year old, right?  OK, maybe not.  I don’t think I fall into the same category as the typical 25 year old around here…

Anyways, I am heading back to the nutritionist tomorrow afternoon with my mom (possibly my dad too) and I am looking forward to seeing what he has to say.  There have been really good things (no more burning eyes!) but still some things that I have questions over…like this water retention situation.  We will work it out…and if not, I will get over it.  I think. 🙂

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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