A fantastic Friday

Fridays off that are not around holidays are fantastic.  I hope that your employer has a 9/80 arrangement so you have the possibility of having every other Friday off, because it is amazing.  If you get every Friday off, that would be nice too…but I personally don’t want to work 10 hour days for 4 days a week.  But that’s just me.  I don’t think that I would mind it as much except the Crossfit class that I like to go to is the 4:30 one, so if I were working until 5:00 that would put me in the 5:30 class then mess up my after work schedule.  I am a planner…I don’t like my schedule to vary TOO much.  A little is fine, but if I get things thrown off by hours or skipped completely…I can get a little frustrated.  I should really work on that and just go with the flow.  I’ll add that to my list of things I need to fix 🙂 Wow, I digress.  Maybe something else I should work on is a consistent thought pattern, my ADHD is kicking in.

Quote on the wall at my nutritionist's office
Quote on the wall at my nutritionist’s office

Which leads me to the nutritionist!  See, I get where I want to go, I just sometimes take the scenic route.  I was supposed to go to the nutritionist on Tuesday, but his wife had a baby that morning (congratulations!) and he was not in the office.  I’m not going to lie, I was bummed.  Schedule change.  I had really wanted to see him so I could get some of my issues addressed, but I called and my appointment was rescheduled for Thursday afternoon.  It turned out really well that I was staying in town on Tuesday afternoon, I am pretty sure God’s hand was in the events that happened.  I’ll get to that, probably in another post.

Anywho, my mom and I headed to Sherman yesterday afternoon to go to my appointment.  I went in and we did our usual dance of him asking me, “are you really good or are you just saying that?”  to which I replied, “well, I could be worse!”

I was prepared this time with a list because I typically forget one or two things that I wanted to ask him about.   I had the list broken out with “good” and “not so good” and he wanted to hear the not so good first.  My biggest concern is the water retention – shocking, I know.  I talked with him about how uncomfortable I am, not knowing if my pants are going to fit in the morning, and that I have begun to have trouble breathing because of it and been needing to use my inhaler.  (I have read that water can begin to hold around your organs and it definitely has affected my lungs – scary thought)   I was concerned that this could be a kidney issue, but he reassured me it was my hormones balancing out and decided to give me one supplement before I left to address it.  Yay!  I took the first dose of it last night and my chest really did feel better, I didn’t have to try as hard to breathe; which is a plus in my book.  I took the second round this morning and again am having an easier time breathing, I think we are on the right track.

After going through my list we got to his questions and he says that I am continuing to make a lot of progress and that he is going to change up my supplements this time.  I think that I am noticing other things that I hadn’t previously noticed because the bigger issues are getting better; having a cycle, digestion, hair falling out, strong nails, etc.  I am getting better each day, I know that it isn’t going to be a sudden change.  I am being healed from the inside out, and as the inside gets healthier the outside will continue to show the results.

After my appointment we went to Chipotle where I get a half steak /half carnitas bowl with guacamole; I’m not going to lie – Chipotle is one of my favorite reasons to go to the nutritionist J  After dinner we headed to Lifeway and I once again purchased books and my mom bought me one.  I now have 4 more books added to the stack of “want to reads”…I have a problem.

We also went to Bed Bath and Beyond and I finally got a mandoline, peeler, and new spatula (woo-hoo for easier beet, rutabaga, and parsnip chips!).  I love the kitchen gadget section of that place; I can’t wait to stock up a house with new do-dads! (spelling?  Definitely the technical term; trust me, I’m an engineer.)  Then off to The Green Market to stock up on some meat and such then back on the road home.

Some of my goodies that I got yesterday.  I'll make a list of my "need to reads" and post it on here.
Some of my goodies that I got yesterday. I’ll make a list of my “need to reads” and post it on here.

I stayed up late last night, 10PM!  And what was I doing at such a late hour of the night?  Reading
Get Out of That Pit“…man, I lead such an exciting life 🙂

What to do on my day off?  I am meeting my mom at the travel agency and we are booking the family trip to Hawaii, chyeah!  Then to Crossfit to complete “Chelsea” and see how many rounds I get in…no matter what happens it will be a PR for me.  Ha!  After the gym and lunch I will probably go to the parents’ house to do laundry, my mom really likes to help me do my laundry; who am I to remove that joy from her life?

Have a fantastic Friday!!


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