Goodbye Goitrogens

Welp, I have done it again.  What have I done again?  Something I said that I wasn’t going to do…change my diet.  Perfect.  So, recently I said that I wasn’t going to stress about what I was eating and to have faith that my nutritionist would get on the next step when it was time and I would be patient.  Well, I was patient and he gave me something to get rid of the puffiness and also gave me some supplements for thyroid support (woot!).

He didn’t mention anything about my diet when I was in the office, so I wanted to look at the thyroid health section of Practical Paleo – and I am glad that I did!  Dianne has foods to avoid italicized in one of the handy-dandy handouts, and what are the foods that should be avoided for thyroid health?  Cruciferous vegetables or goitrogens.  What do I eat A LOT of?  Ding ding ding!  Goitrogens. (cabbage, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts, rutabagas…to name a few I eat)  My nutritionist also has me on a supplement that contains goitrogens, I think I will be holding off on that one for a few months.

Fantastic, I am regularly eating food that can damage the thyroid if you have a sensitive system.  (I turn orange after eating a sweet potato – I’m sensitive.)  So, just a slight change in my diet and I will be good to go.

I just got back from Lubbock and had bought some macadamia nuts…which didn’t last long at all in my kitchen. Those things are dangerous.  I’m just saying.

That is it for my random rant and update.  It has been a busy week leading into a busy weekend.   However, I have finished a few great books that have really got me thinking and am currently reading Altar Ego, I will have an update soon.


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