I am changing…

“I’ll be better than I am…”

I am imagining myself sounding like Jennifer Hudson as I sing this, I am pretty sure I am close. 

I am reminded of this song each time I put on “real clothes.”  I live in a work uniform and workout clothes, which are stretchy Nike Capri pants and an old shirt without sleeves.  These clothes are very forgiving, which is why I can typically be seen in them outside of my work uniform (which is not forgiving, flattering, or comfortable…at all).  However, I decided to put on real clothes this morning, which was an unfortunate reminder of what my body has been going through.  My old things that still fit just don’t fit the same.  Not only have I put on weight, but put on muscle areas as well (my quads/hips/shoulders) are growing fast!  I know that my body is going to be changing as I continue with Crossfit and the hormonal changes that my nutritionist has me doing, but some days it is more noticeable and more difficult to accept.  Not going to lie. 

Due to these changes, outside of work and workout clothes, you will see me in dresses.  Pants just don’t fit the same way no matter what size; if they fit in the leg they are big in the waist…oh my body.  Old shifts are now snug in the shoulders, due to the focus on shoulders our gym owner tends to like.  We do so many push-presses, wall balls, thrusters, and sumo-dedlift high pulls in class!  I had large traps before, and now they are even more defined…which is good, because that is where I also carry my stress.  No worries, they can carry a lot of weight 🙂  So, I will be wearing dresses most of the time, which is fine with me. 

I went to my nutritionist last week and he said that I can eat goitrogens!  I don’t have a thyroid problem, I have a thyroid hormone conversion problem due to detox issues…so cruciferous veggies will help!  That was good news, I definitely had brussel sprouts the next day.  Good stuff.  He is going to be focusing back on my adrenals and hormones again.  Crossfit has changed my hormones and taxed my adrenals a bit more, so he is going to be hitting them pretty hard with the supplements he is recommending.  This helps make sense of why by the time Thursday comes around I am beat!  I come home and nap after work at the end of the week and my naps have been longer than they used to be.  I am looking forward to the continued progression towards better health.  I can get over the body changes, I just have my moments.  I’m a girl, I can’t help it!  

Hopefully with more energy as the month progresses I will be able to get on here and update more often.  I have been enjoying morning naps instead of writing, my apologies.


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