Keep on keeping on

O my goodness, it has seemed like so long since I have posted anything!  That has probably because it has been.  And for that I apologize, I know you guys are super concerned about where I have been and what I have been up do. (ha!)

Well, I have been around and been busy as always.  I don’t know if I can remember all that I have missed, and don’t plan on catching it up in this post.  I will say this, I have bought a juicer and given up coffee – woo!  I am on week 2 off drinking vegetable juice (I have added this, I am not on any sort of juice fast or given up meat), day 5 of being coffee free, and day 2 of adding maca powder…I am interested to see how that works.   That is my quick update.

Then why did I write this?  Unfortunately, because I was very discouraged while getting ready for my sister’s birthday celebration.  HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY MELISSA!

I was putting on clothes, and they still just don’t fit the same or the way that I would like them to.   That is, the ones that fit at all.  It can be very frustrating trying to restock clothes every season when you don’t know what your body is going to do from day to day.  I feel like I am on the right track and things are starting to fit better, then BAM! I put something on and it just doesn’t work.  What in the world?

I am much less stressed than I used to be and am getting more comfortable with my body, it is a day to day struggle and some days are worse than others.  When I start to feel frustrated I really think about what it is that is causing me to be frustrated.  Selfishness, pride, wanting some idolized body.  Not a good list of things to describe myself.  When I remember this and the promises that He has for me, I begin to realize how silly I am being and calm down.  He has great plans for me and will use me no matter what size I am or which of my clothes fit.  I will be alright 🙂

O!  I also cancelled my cable and got Netflix, I have now discovered Heroes and am sucked into it.  Good stuff, and I will be watching all 77 episodes.  I left that out of my previous update…


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