One day closer!

My view from the room this week
My view from the room this week
Well, I said that I would write while I was away this week and I have been slacking. Once again I fell into not wanting to turn on my computer when I got in from a full day at work after being on the computer all day! I am waiting at the airport right now and thought I would use this time to spend some time on social media…very productive, I know.
I have been traveling the past two weeks, one week in Maui and one week in the Salt Lake City area. Both areas are beautiful and have a lot to offer. Every afternoon this week when I got off of work I had the opportunity to get out doing and seeing something new. I tend to find the “hippie” areas of the cities that I visit and I met some great people! If I remember, I will talk about them tomorrow…if I decide to turn on my computer.
I like how health and fitness oriented these areas are, bike lanes everywhere and lots of people walking from place to place in the areas I was in. I wish we had more areas like that in the city I live in, it is dangerous in some areas on a bicycle! I wouldn’t mind working a short term assignment here for a few months in the summer; I am not so much into the winter sports though so I will keep my position in Texas for the snowy months.
I am really excited to get back home, through some of my traveling I have realized that I am so thankful I did not go into engineering sales or another position with extensive traveling. I am a home-body and don’t like to eat out, so this week has been a little much for me. I have enjoyed it and everyone has been great, but I miss home!
Something struck me the other night when I was in my hotel room. I mentioned our trip to Maui and I have a countdown on the home screen of my phone that I still have not removed. We flew out 13 days ago  haha I have had the countdown and sent updates to my family once a week since we were about 80 days out….needless to say, I was excited. Even this week I have been counting down the days until I return home, ironic – I was so excited to leave and visit a new place and now I can’t wait to get back home! If only we knew what we wanted…
What hit me the other day was that we are called to be even more excited about going to Heaven than I ever was about going to Maui. Imagine if we lived each day as if we were going tomorrow. I know I was SUPER excited the day before and the day of our trip…what if I lived each day like that? What if instead of “79 days until Hawaii!” I sent a text to my family that said “One day closer to Heaven!!” They might think I am a bit crazy, but is that not what we are called to do? Keep our eye on the end goal and live every day as if it is our last.
It is almost boarding time, and surprisingly enough I will be leaving northern Utah to fly to a cooler northeast Texas…interesting twist there. I was told to take this unseasonably hot weather back to Texas with me. They can keep it here for a few more weeks 🙂
Have a fantastic Friday!


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