A Magnificent Monday

I hope everyone is having a marvelous Monday!  We have made it to another week, and I think I will go ahead and decide that it is going to be a good one.  We have that power, remember?  “Change your mind, change your life!”  🙂

Hawaii, Salt Lake City, Mineola, Dekalb, Mt. Pleasant – just a few places I have been within the past few weeks.  Ok, so the last 3 aren’t huge trips, but they did take all day and some time in the car to get there!  For a home body like me, this has been a busy schedule.  I woke up last Monday thinking how amazing I think it would be to have a full 7 days off with NO big plans for day-long trips or out of town, hotel living.  That would be fantastic.  I guess I could do that if I wanted to use my vacation time that way.  I will think about it for next year, this year has been used pretty well! 

I know that my schedule does not compare to the busyness of some, and those chasing kids around to different events or members of different committees and all of that jazz, but I have a few things that are important to me.  The ability to be at home and just eat dinner and chill before my early bedtime is important and I make it a priority for my health.  Sleep and relaxation is very important for everyone, unfortunately I spread myself a little too thin this past fall and it was not a pretty thing.  I was not a happy camper.  I am a toddler when it comes to my schedule and sleeping habits.

Speaking of sleeping habits, I have more energy than I did about a month ago.  Woo!  My body is getting closer to health!  I went to the nutritionist in July and he told me that I was “the epitome of health – except hormones and adrenals”  Awesome.  Well, the hormone issue is what is causing me to put on this weight and not fit into ANYTHING that I own…so let’s work on that, shall we?  We shall!  Or so I thought.  I went back to see him in August, and I have more energy (adrenals are better) but weight has not improved – I have actually gone up yet another pant size since I had last seen him.  Seriously, one month, one pant size.  This is NOT going to work for much longer.  He told me that my estrogen is so high that it is causing my thyroid to down-regulate (it is mimicking the thyroid hormone) which is slowing down my metabolism and leading to me putting on the weight.  He has said that he will give me something that he is trialing that will flush the excess estrogen out of my system.  Now we are getting somewhere.  He hasn’t gotten the new stuff in, but I am taking the other supplements as I should – I haven’t been doing that in the past.  So this month I have decided to surrender to him and take the supplements as he has prescribed.  I can’t be upset with him and this protocol if I don’t really follow through.  What’s the worst that could happen; I grow out of another section of my closet?  O boy, I am quickly running out of clothes!  I am going to remain optimistic, it will work.  We will get through this.  I am going to see my nurse practitioner this month to get some blood work done to verify what he is telling me; unfortunately she didn’t have an opening until the end of the month.  That woman is in demand!

Sorry for the length of this post, I need to be more diligent about getting on here and updating.  I read The Circle Maker, and it talks about dreaming big dreams –  and I realized I am not real sure what my big dreams might be!  I had some in college, get out of school and start my career – done and done.  So what is next?  They didn’t tell us to begin to rethink things once we get out of school.  So that is what I have done, I wrote down some big dreams last night and keeping up with this thing is one of them.  I will make a dent in the list little by little! 

O, randomness.  It does appear to be one of my strong suits.  Anywho, off to work for me to begin a good week.



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