Changes, once again

I have new hair again, and it was QUITE a change for me.  I had some crazy roots, I looked like I was going for the short hair version of ombre – which I honestly don’t understand.  It looks like you haven’t gone to get your hair colored in several months…which I hadn’t done, so I came by it honestly 🙂

I have gone even more hippie and have been using homemade soaps and things like that, so I didn’t want to continue to get my hair colored due to all of the chemicals that are involved in the process so I had let my color re-do slip a bit.  I went this past week to get that taken care of and decided to go darker and get close to my root color.  My hair matches my eyebrows, I don’t remember the last time that happened!  But this change was very drastic to me; it went from blonde with some white bits to a “sandy blonde”/brown color.  It took me some time to get used to it, but it grew on me.  The surprising thing to me was the reactions that I got at work the next day.

I met my dad in the parking lot and he said the obligatory “it’s cute!” then we headed into the plant.  While walking to my cube and my morning meeting (which starts at 6:45…when some people have the luxury of waking up or working out) I got some double takes, but no one really said anything about it.  I work with a lot of men, so I wasn’t too surprised but figured someone from my core group would say something.  So I sat in my meeting…and nothing was said.  It was like no one noticed.  No one noticed this drastic change to my appearance that I had made! 

I went back to my desk and Brittany came by to check it out.  We had talked about me getting it done before I did it, so she knew that it was coming.  Her reply was “woah, I didn’t expect it to be that different!”  I’m glad I wasn’t crazy – I thought that it was quite a change!  So that morning, three people had said something about my hair change. 

At the lunch table, Stephanie asked, “Jen, did you get your hair colored? It looks cute!”  Ok, one other person.  All of the guys at the table kind of looked up at me and were like “Oh, yeah it is different”

If Steph asked and most guys couldn’t put their finger on what was different about me, maybe it wasn’t as drastic as a change as I thought.  Or…maybe people don’t pay that much attention to my hair and physical appearance.  Hmmmm, that’s a thought!  This is what stood out to me; people didn’t really notice the “drastic” change that I did to my hair so I really doubt they think about my continuous change in size.  I guess what my mom always told me was true, “You wouldn’t care about what other people thought of you if you realized how little they did.” 

I think that this hair change was a good wake-up call for me.  No one else really notices, so why should I be stressed out over it.  Yes, I am monitoring my weight issue for a health/hormonal balance perspective, but “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter won’t mind.” 


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