Time for a break

So much truth to this!
So much truth to this!

O my goodness, this image sums up the way I have felt lately. Perfectly. Did I mention I have been busy lately? Well, I thought I was going to have to take a mental-health day this past week at work. (I don’t know if we have these, I just joked about it…I should ask about that.)
I just don’t do well when I have to interact with people for extended periods of time every day. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy the people I am around, but I just need some time to be able to sit and not talk or worry about having a conversation with people. I was beginning to think I was crazy, but I saw this image on Pinterest and realized I was not alone. Yes! I felt much better about my life after that. (ha!) People do understand! I wonder if I should hang something like this on my cube at work when I reach this point. At this point, when I get asked if everything is OK or even a “how are you?” I am sometimes on the verge of tears. So even though everything really IS – I tear up and reply; “yeah, everything is fine.”
Why am I tearing up? No idea. I just need to take a break. Stress and exhaustion comes out of my eyes. Awesome.
I really am OK and was off of work yesterday. I headed out of town to spend the weekend with my sister and was feeling better after I took a nap. It was a good one ☺ I got the oil changed in my car and we did some shopping for things for her classroom. We made a loop through the clothes in Target and I was not in the mood to try on ANY clothing – especially trying on the clearance swimsuits. Ain’t happening right now. Who knows if they will fit next week?! My new supplements that are supposed to help remove the excess estrogen were shipped out Thursday, so I should get them today…I am ready to see if those things work! This estrogen dominance is about to drive me crazy; I know that comes as a SHOCK. After shopping and a nap we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner with her boyfriend, Weston and another friend Robert, where I had the lamb – it was good! (not as good a Jasoh in Ogden UT, but still not too shabby) They have a nice gluten free menu, so that was obviously our restaurant of choice. We then went to Fresh to sit outside on the patio to enjoy the awesome weather and each others company (how quaint lol). It was good to be outside and hang out for a while, it was past my bedtime but I enjoyed it!
The plan for today is to go to Hobby Lobby, which has become very dangerous for me. Pinterest is once again making me think that I am crafty. I figure the more I practice making things, the better I will get. I have to start somewhere, so I just keep the stuff in my spare bedroom and don’t show people. I’ll bring it out when I get a little better. Then it will be an afternoon at the pool with the same group as last night. There is a high of 91 today, another opportunity to enjoy the good weather and good people. Love it. Robert has been trying to get me to come visit and telling me I should move here for the past 3 years, maybe this weekend will be the selling point…I am house hunting back home and a two hour commute does not sound fun!
Have a good weekend, and if you need to curl up in your room and just sit…that is OK, you are not alone.


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