Sharing is Caring

Well, I am now in my late 20’s. Today, I turn 26 years old and I thought that I would post something about “Top 25 things I learned while 25” or something clever like that. However, as I got to thinking about it – I changed my mind. I do that a lot. I think I might do some “Top 25” posts this week while I am traveling (if I can make many lists with 25 things on it…challenge accepted) But today, that is not what it is going to be.
I have written a post about my Walk to Emmaus in the past, and since then I have been blessed to be a member of a Chrysalis flight and now an upcoming Emmaus Walk. As a member of the team I attend the team meetings that are held leading up to the event; and the faith the men and women on the team have is truly inspiring. It is such a good and uplifting time to be around a group of real, faithful women who love God and just radiate His love and joy that He has given them. As a part of the meeting yesterday there was a time when you could stand up and tell a time when you have seen Jesus in the past week, and man, there experiences were exciting to hear. To see the women get up, talk about things that they have been struggling with and how God has provided for them and sustained them through it is so powerful. And the stories were just over the past week, think about how much we have been blessed over the course of our lives! The strength that people have to get up and share these things is awesome, it is our vulnerabilities which bring us closer together.
A few weeks ago while at another team meeting, I received a call from my mom about her best friend’s one-year old grandson that was being tested for leukemia. I mis-heard the message initially and thought that she said he had leukemia and I told my table that I had a prayer concern. As we were talking about it and told the rest of the group, I said – “hang on, let me listen to it again…maybe she said they were testing for it” Good thing I checked, they were just testing. However, when I told them that they were checking for it, a woman said “Why are we not praying now?! This is the time we need to be praying!!” She was visibly concerned that we were not taking this opportunity to pray in community and gathered the clergy team and entire group to circle up and pray around me for this child. By the end of the day I had received a text that it wasn’t leukemia and was able to tell the group. Praise the Lord, he is fine. Her confidence in the power of prayer was amazing and those prayers were truly answered that afternoon.
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7
There are many more stories of similar events that have taken place over the course of the few months since my walk, but I wanted to share a few. I have been truly blessed and inspired by working these events, I almost feel as if it is a selfish endeavor to be a part of it. My experience during my walk was great, but in my opinion, working them has provided even more. It helps reinforce the importance of community within the church, to be lifted up and share experiences with each other. When things are great, share and rejoice together; when things are bad, share, pray, and lift those concerns to God together. “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” – Matthew 18:20


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