Top 25

(photo from: The Dance Journal Philadelphia Dance)
(photo from: The Dance Journal Philadelphia Dance)

Alrighty, I mentioned I would make a “Top 25” list, and I have completed one! The list is in no particular order, and isn’t really just compiled of things I learned when I was 25. Some of these took a bit to really sink in, but I have finally grasped a better understanding of them. It took some time to sink into my stubborn head, but I am getting closer. Feel free to add your learnings in the comments, I am only 26 – I have a lot more to learn.
1. There is so much truth in the statement “Those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind”
2. His plan is greater than my plan and will come to fruition one way or another (I might be kicking and screaming)
3. Things work out in the end, even if it isn’t the way you expected. Something good WILL come out of it (even if it is good for someone else, there will be good)
4. The media lies to us and tries to tell us what we need and is going to be detrimental to our culture and society
5. It is OK to say “No”
6. I still need to learn how to say “No”
7. You can do more by doing less
8. Vulnerabilities are beautiful and bring people together
9. No one has it all together and no one expects me to have it all together
10. It is OK to ask for help
11. Our health is so important; if you neglect it, everything else seems to fall apart as well
12. We have so many idols and false gods in our world today and don’t realize that we are in bondage to them
13. A smile can go a long way
14. We don’t realize the struggles everyone around us is going through; be kind to everyone, you could be the only bright spot in their day
15. God gave His son to have a relationship with us, not for us to follow some checklist to think that we are good
16. Beauty is subjective and fleeting; focus on developing your inner beauty and it will radiate from the inside out
17. You can’t please everyone. Even if you give people what they ask for, some will still complain
18. Your attitude has the power to change your reaction to things. (Change your mind, change your life)
19. Through Christ, you have the power to change.
20. There is so much truth in the scriptures, and the lessons are very applicable to our lives today
21. When you give, you receive so much more
22. Patience can be difficult, but is worth it
23. Always look for the bright spot! Even if things seem bad, try to find a way to see a silver lining (even if it seems like it will be years before it happens!)
24. Never stop seeking knowledge. Find something you are passionate about and go after it. Learn something new everyday and use the information and your passion to make a difference in someone else’s life.
25. Even when you think that you are the only one struggling with something and no one understands, someone does! You are not alone, there will always be someone who understands and has gone through something similar. It might not be the exact same situation, but someone will be there to listen (or has written about it on the internet. ha!)


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