We Have Answers!

The results are in, and they are…definitive!  As odd as it is to say, I was really excited to hear that the results are “terrible.”  It was validation that I am not making this stuff up…which, honestly, I was beginning to worry about what it would mean if all of my results came back “normal.” 
I had a message from my nurse practitioner last weekend saying “I have 2 of your test results back and your hormones (sex and adrenal) are terrible.  We are going to make you feel so much better.”  YES!  Results are not normal, I am not making this up and there is a way to correct it. 
Then Monday afternoon comes along and I get a call from her and she got the rest of my results back and she asks, “you don’t have ANY gut issues, no pain, discomfort?”  Nope, not really.  I tested positive for a gut infection that hospitalizes most people that have it and is potentially fatal.  What?!  I was going to have my appointment on Thursday, but she said that she needed to begin treating me for the infection quickly so she prescribed me some antibiotics.
So, Thursday rolls around and I head into my appointment.  My mom went with me so she could relay the information to my dad…who isn’t a huge believe in the holistic, naturopathic way of healing…so my mom was there to validate the results for him.  (she is a nurse)
We start with the gut situation, and it looks as if the infection has killed off ALL bacteria, good or bad.  We don’t know how long I have had it, but it has done some damage so I am on 10 days of antibiotics then will be taking a high-power probiotic which is actually made from soil.  Interesting.  If I begin to take them now, the antibiotics will just neutralize them, so it won’t do much good now. 
Next, we looked at the adrenals.  She worked through my results with Dr. Kalish and he said that I was probably the worst case he has seen of someone my age.  Well, at least I stand out!  He does this for a living and has seen thousands of results…and I win!  Not sure that was a contest I really wanted to participate in, but here I am.  So, the verdict.  I am in stage 3 adrenal exhaustion and reach bedtime cortisol levels around 3PM.  No wonder I am ready for a long nap at the end of the day!  My DHEA should be about 8, and mine is at 2 – and that is what helps promote lean body mass…I am a little behind the 8-ball.  No wonder I have put on 30 pounds this year.  So for the adrenals, I am on some low dose hormones that will be used throughout the day to mimic normal hormone patterns to try and teach my body to get back on track. 
The adrenals and sex hormones work together, and since one is broken…the other isn’t working either.  From my month long hormone panel, I am “post-menopausal”…at 26!  My total progesterone for the month should be around 16-1800 (I think) but it is only 333…for the MONTH.  There are days that it should be over 300, which obviously isn’t happening with me.  So, yes.  I have estrogen dominance as well.   To work through this, I will be taking another very low dose hormone to mimic the monthly pattern that is supposed to be happening naturally. 
I am also on some liver support and other supplements to work through what was found on my detox profile and will be on everything for about 3 months before I begin replacing things with food.  I am currently not absorbing what I am eating properly (the test said I need to eat protein…which I definitely do)  There isn’t a definite answer on how long it will take for me to begin seeing results, it could be a week or it could be gradual and in a month I could look back and think – “Man, I feel so much better!”   Either way, I am looking forward to it.  We have results, we have a plan.  We know what is wrong with me!  Who knew terrible results could be such a good thing?!
There is a chance I will have setbacks, and I am sure that I will get frustrated but I will make it through this and will feel much better in the end.  It will be SO worth it. 


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