Well informed, or radical hippie?

Ok, so this picture doesn’t really have anything to do with this blog, but wanted to share.  My dad and I made this and I think it turned out well 🙂 (If you want one leave me a comment and we will get details. We can personalize them too!)

This past week at work we had Safety Week and there were free flu shots if we wanted to get one. I was torn. I have gotten one every year since I am “high risk” because I am an asthmatic,  but was debating not getting one this year.  I began looking for information on the statistics of the effectiveness of the shot and found this post by Chris Kresser. After reading it I decided I probably wasn’t going to get one. 
I told my dad as we were walking up the walk about my decision and he was less than thrilled. He wanted me to talk to my mom about it…so he told on me lol. My mom called and said she was concerned that I was becoming a “radical hippie” with my choice.  She sent me information from the CDC (which is still inconclusive) and I got my shot to make them feel better.
This led me to begin thinking about the radical hippie comment.  My family has been calling me a hippie due to some of my choices and I go along with it. However, I think that “radical hippie” is a term with negative connotations to some – I have NOT neglected my hygiene or stopped shaving – which is what most people believe. I HAVE decided to take control of what is being put on my body and search for information. I choose not to be in the category of women who put on average 500 chemicals on their body daily. (…how many have been evaluated properly? You might not want to know) Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs what you put on. So my liver would have to filter all of that stuff which isn’t really necessary. Does that make me a hippie? Possibly. I have found safer alternatives to these products and my hygiene hasn’t suffered!
I am not sure if people don’t know or just aren’t aware of some of the things that we do on a daily basis that are harmful. I have been told I watch too many documentaries – I am full of random information, and some things I feel very strongly about. I tend to have strong opinions about things that I know and believe are true and I will stand up for them when I am questioned. I have been told before by a friend that he was afraid I was getting “too into this Christian thing” (he is a non-believer) I struggled with that for a bit too. Am I exaggerating the power and presence of Christ? No. It is yet another thing that I strongly believe and will not waiver. I believe that as followers of Christ there are things that we are called to stand up for and believe – and to know why we believe them. I am an engineer, I ask a lot of questions so I enjoy digging deeper and reading and listening to more studies to get a better understanding. Will I understand it all? Nope, but I will continue to study and try to live out what I learn. That was another thing that came up this past week. There are times when I am glad that I can be a bit stubborn about things and strong in my beliefs.


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