Health Update

Man, talk about being a slacker. I had good intentions of keeping up with this, but I have failed you recently. For that I apologize and ask for your forgiveness. It has been quite some time since I have taken the time to give an update. Not that I didn’t have the time, but I didn’t take the time.

Since I have had an official diagnosis of what is going on with my body (woo!) it has been quite a rollercoaster. I was feeling great and responding well to the treatment, then went on a trip to Baltimore to the National SWE (Society of Women Engineers) Conference and had a bit of a setback. It hit when I was in a session on Thursday, I could feel it. I was fine and dandy then BOOM – I was wiped out. I blamed it on the traveling and eating out for every meal. I ordered gluten free everywhere I went, but thought I might have some accidental contamination. My eczema came back on my arm too, something was not right. I thought that once I was back at home for a little while I would recover, but I was not so lucky. I started feeling really depressed and a few nights I just burst into tears for no apparent reason while laying in bed. It was real cute.

Something was not right, so I told my nurse prac about my reaction and she had me remove the hormone supplements for 2 weeks to detox my system. I am not metabolizing the hormones correctly so my body isn’t quite sure what to do with hormones. It hasn’t had any for so long! Ha!

So, after two weeks without the hormones, I started to feel so much better but the weight would still fluctuate. It is not a fun game to wake up wondering if today would be the day I bust out of my pants. Not fun at all. I don’t mind the weight, I really don’t think that I look bad, but my concern is that my clothes don’t fit. I can’t handle buying new clothes every week to compensate for my ever-changing waist size. If we wore stretchy pants at work, I think I would be good to go. No worries with an elastic waistband! And let’s face it, I rarely wear “real pants” outside of work. I have written about my love of workout and comfy clothes. I digress.
My nurse prac asked that I keep track of everything I am eating for a week to check my calorie intake and macronutrient ratios. I was surprised at how little I am still eating. I averaged about 1200 calories a day, which is not what I need to be doing. I guess eating 900 calories a day for several years can skew your vision of what “enough” is. No wonder I have no metabolism! I am still underfeeding my body, which is causing me to not be able to lose the weight. It seems counterintuitive that I am not losing weight because of a calorie deficit, but it appears to be true. Since switching to SCD, I eat very low carb which I am working on changing as well. More carbs and more calories in my diet. I can do this.

So, that was my health update. I am feeling better! My body is still changing, and I have heard from another opinion that the protocol I am on could take 2-3 years for it to work because I am a “special case.” That was discouraging to hear, but he thinks he has a solution that will work quicker. I might give that a try…3-6 months versus 2-3 years? OK. If you insist. I will hear from him next week on what he wants me to do, I don’t want to start all over again. I am better than I was to begin with though, that is a plus.

Stay warm, readers!


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