Holiday Warning

For you brave souls that are making candy for the holiday season – beware! It can be dangerous! Many of you have probably already figured out that trying the molten candy concoction fresh out of the bubbling pot is a bad idea, and I commend you for that. However, for those of you that get a little too excited and want to try some caramel without waiting…you are not alone. I did this on Sunday morning and I am still suffering from the consequences. I made caramel out of equal parts of local honey and grassfed butter which is very labor intensive (I kid; put it in a pot and stir until it bubbles and turns the darkness you want). Anywho, I made this and it looked so tasty that I temporarily lost my sense of logic and thought that trying boiling sugar would be a good idea. Quality control, right?! It might not have been too bad had I been able to actually get the caramel into my mouth without hitting my lips – but no! I missed and had a sweet blister on my upper lip to show for it. The blister is now gone and it is a really cute scab that hurts when I use a spoon to eat anything, wonderful. I hope you are able to avoid this mistake during your Christmas cooking. I wish I could say that it won’t happen again, but unfortunately it probably will. Fresh caramel has a way of making me momentarily forgetful.


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