The Great Debate

No, not about Phil Robertson or healthcare.  About something that hits much closer to home – Over or Under?  The great toilet paper preference issue.

On December 7, 2013 we had a little ice storm here in Texas.  You might have heard of it, some referred to it as “iceageddon 2013”, “icestorm 2013” or…Cleon.  If I cared enough I would look up why they chose to call it Cleon, but I don’t so I won’t. 

Cleon left thousands in our area without power for quite some time.   I lost power for about six hours, and for those six hours I went to my parents’ house.  They didn’t have power either but they did have gas logs and a generator.  Heat and a refrigerator, what else do you need?  Once my power came back on I was blessed with a few house guests for the weekend.  I really enjoyed the company and they were not a bother at all! (They even straightened up my apartment while I was at work, how great is that?)  The comment was made that they were being an inconvenience and I would be glad when they left, but the only thing that I noticed was…the toilet paper roll was put on backwards.  This happened in the upstairs and downstairs bathroom, so I know my mother was involved too. (How could my own mother be involved in such a thing?)  The toilet paper was placed so that the paper was unrolled UNDER the roll.  What is that nonsense?  It makes much more sense to me to have it OVER.  So, I corrected both of these rolls without mentioning another word about it.  I didn’t want to complain.  And I could write about it later.  So, over or under?  My vote is over.  Obviously.

I hope you all fared well during Cleon and stayed warm.  Christmas is just around the corner, woo! 



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