Beautiful Truth

I must admit, my last few posts have been pretty random. Welcome to my world 🙂 boiling caramel burns, proper toilet paper placement…totally normal. This is beginning to get back to my normal. I am once again starting to feel better and be my goofy self again, let’s hope it stays for a little longer this time! I have started on the liquid herbs that my nutritionist sent me and they are working as signified by the side effect of anxiety. I didn’t expect that one. I noticed it because of my blood pressure spikes and I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest. No big deal – really.
This first occurred after I brilliantly put a status update about the Phil Robertson issue, which is posted below. Some people missed the point of my post and proceeded to prove my point by saying some inappropriate things about him because they didn’t agree with him and don’t understand Scripture. Thanks for that, by the way. Then it turned into some Facebook evangelizing…always a good thing. No, it really isn’t. Unfortunately, the person that was making comments felt ganged up on and attacked, which was no ones intentions when responding to him. I have since messaged him asking if he would be interested in the book Jesus>Religion by Jefferson Bethke. I finished it yesterday and it addresses many of his issues with Christianity so I thought he might be interested. (There was good that came out of my FB status update, and for that, I thank Phil Robertson for his comments ;-))

FB status update:
“I’m a bit confused. There is so much outrage over a vocal Christian speaking his opinion and using scripture to support his beliefs when asked (was anyone really surprised at his opinion?); but it is ok, acceptable, and encouraged to say that he (and other Christians) is (are) ignorant, intolerant, and a bigot. Are only certain opinions are tolerated?”

Speaking of books I have read lately – I have read three in the past two days. I love me some books, what can I say? Jesus>Religion was great, Jefferson Bethke is so passionate about Christ and understanding what He stood for instead of the legalism and show that unfortunately religion has been turned into by some. Check it out, it is a good one. Plus watch his YouTube videos, he has some gems in there. (The book link wouldn’t work correctly; so here it is:

I also read Beautiful Lies by Jennifer Strickland. O my goodness, fantastic book. I think that every female, husband, and father with girls should read this book. I tend to hop on a soapbox about the impact of the media on our society, so I whole-heartedly agreed with this book. Since I have been on the uphill side of my struggle with an eating disorder, (I still slide down on occasion – but I am on the path upwards) I have become hyper-sensitive about things people say and do which can make an impact in someone’s view of themselves. The impact of our words and actions on other people’s body image can have catastrophic effects if we are not careful and they do not have a firm foundation of whose we truly are and why we are here on this earth. We are not here to be looked at, “complete someone”, or to be fulfilled by another person – not a spouse, child, parent or friend. We are here to glorify God and share His message. It is not a popular one, as I routinely find out through FB updates, but it is one filled with love, joy, and hope for those that receive it. It is a message that transforms people and gives a purpose. It brings meaning to our lives and fills that void that we are desperately seeking through worldly fulfillment. This book takes the myths we are made to believe from a young age and breaks them by sharing the truth that is found in Christ. You are what a man thinks of you? No, you are a beloved daughter of the King. You are what you see in the mirror? Nope, you are a precious creation – you are fearfully and wonderfully made, knit together in your mother’s womb by the hands that created the earth. The Creator of the worlds, who can hold them in the palm of His hand; He created you, He holds you, He loves you. Seriously, so much more than a reflection in a mirror.
As I was reading, I kept thinking “Yes, yes, and yes. We need these messages shouted from every TV station, every teacher, every parent, and every magazine.” We live in a culture that glorifies sin and leads to brokenness and destruction, we need a change. We need The Good News shared on the nightly news. We need a heart change.

“The most striking thing about Jesus to me is that He loves those our world doesn’t. He touched those no one wants to touch and befriends those the prideful people refuse. The people who are full of sin and pain, the weak, the broken, the confounded – He loves them all. I feel like I have been waiting my whole life to meet Him, and now that I have, I want to follow Him wherever I go.” Jennifer StricklandBeautiful Lies

Ok, I will hop off of my soapbox now and go read another book 🙂


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