New Focus

Jesus + Nothing = Everything
Jesus + Nothing = Everything

It is that time of year again. Time to begin making statements on things that we wish to do next year or changes that we want to make in our lives. The New Year seems to be a great time to do this, it is almost like a fresh start. 2013 will be gone, 2014 is here! Man, 2014 seems crazy. The years have flown by lately.
Last year, my plan was to re-evaluate the things I was doing and reduce my stress levels, I think I was successful in this at some points throughout the year. I eventually had no choice this summer when my body was like, “NO! You will do no more!” and then I was later diagnosed with stage 3 adrenal exhaustion.
I mentioned my goal for this year, to heal. That is one of my resolutions, I am excited to feel better and get back into the gym. I am planning to be back in there Thursday and know that I won’t be able to lift as much and will be discouraged initially, but it will come back. I finished another book yesterday, and I found a resolution in the acknowledgements. I read this before starting the actual book and thought, “this is how I wish my life were described, this is how I want to live!” so instead of coming up with a list of items I want to change or do this year, I am going to focus on this:
“I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to the gospel. It burns inside of me. And it seems to get hotter every day. I can’t stop thinking about it, talking about it, writing about it, reading about it, wrestling with it, reveling in it, standing on it, and thanking God for it. For better or for worse, my focus has become myopic. My passion has become singular. Lesser things don’t distract me as easily. I’m more relaxed. What others think of me (either good or bad) doesn’t matter as much as it used to. I’m enjoying life more. The pressure’s off. I’m beginning to understand the length and breadth of the freedom Jesus purchased for me. I’m beginning to realize that the gospel is was more radical, offensive, liberating, shocking, and counterintuitive than any of us realize. And that’s beginning to be okay with me. Like Aslan in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, the gospel is good but not safe.” – Tullian Tchividjian Jesus + Nothing = Everything
Am I the only one that gets really excited and inspired to live a life like that?! I could not wait to dive into this book after reading that and I was not disappointed. It is a great read and focuses on the gospel and the impact it truly is. We tend to try to add things by our own merit and think “what can I do for Jesus?” but need to turn the focus around and think “What has Jesus done for me?” everyday. Remind yourself of the price He paid everyday and live in surrender to Him. This is my prayer for us all as we look forward to 2014, time to focus on what is the most important thing that has happened to us and for us. Time to learn the true freedom in Christ. Time to change the focus from inward (“me”) to outward (Christ)
The past several years I have been asleep at midnight and awoken refreshed and ready to take on the New Year on January 1, but this year I might be awake when the clock strikes 12. Or I might have to celebrate with another time zone so I don’t turn into a pumpkin. We’ll see how the night goes!
I hope everyone has had a 2013 that they made changes and grew in some way, and I pray for a life focused outward to Christ in 2014.


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