Health Update


This is my Halloween post! OK, not really. This is my health update. I just know you are curious.

A quick recap of where I was at the last time I wrote in December:

I figured out I was in stage 3 adrenal fatigue and had basically no female hormones. I was on liquid herbs that made me anxious and jittery, and I was gaining weight at a rapid pace.

I finished the 4 months of herbs in April, and had to buy a pant size larger every month until I was done. That was frustrating, but I pushed through. I didn’t see my nutritionist throughout this time, he wanted me to just stay on the herbs and complete the 4 months then see him. He said that my next step was a detox that would pull the water weight right off of me in a few short weeks and I would be back to normal. Welp, that didn’t work. I did the detox and actually gained a little weight. It was 10 days of no meat or caffeine, that was tough – not going to lie. So after the detox I went back to see him and he said, “you are doing much better than anticipated, you can tell you have been eating 100% right. All we have left are your hormones, and you should be good to go.” That was in early May and I pushed through that month with no results, so I was done. I wanted to see what my body would do off of supplements because I have been on them for so long, and I was tired of hearing, “this is all that is left, you are doing great, just a little bit more.” Whatever. Something is not working and the supplements are not helping at this point. I haven’t really seen any change, good or bad, while off of the supplements; so I think that is a good thing. He did a lot of good for me, I am not denying that at all. I am glad that I went to see him and have made improvements from where I was in the beginning of the whole journey.

That brings me to this week. There was a health fair at work and a chiropractor that I have been thinking about visiting had a booth set up. I stopped by and had an initial posture check and found that I have three points greater than 1/2″ out of alignment, which is “severe.” I made an appointment for Thursday afternoon and went for an initial consultation; assessment, xrays, and adjustment. After my inital check he identified that my left shoulder was higher than right, right shoulder was tilted forward, head tilted left, right hip higher, and 19 out of 27 vertebrae didn’t move as they should. (“Um, what!?”) He looked at my symptoms sheet and said, “this all correlates with what I found, let’s get you in for an x-ray.”

In the x-ray it was found that I have scoliosis of my lower back, and my neck has a reverse curve. REVERSE.

I looked at the image and said, “well, it isn’t TERRIBLE.”

Chiropractor: “It’s reversed, you have a 109% change in the curve of your neck.”

Me: “Oh….”

Yeah, so that is good to know. I will be going to see him for the next several weeks for an adjustment and rehab to get things back to where they should be. He anticipates a full recovery. He quickly identified that I am the type of person to go all out to do things right. I may or may not be a perfectionist in things I can control…I should work on that.

I was sending text messages to my family after and when I said I have scoliosis my dad quickly picked up the phone to call me. “Go to a REAL doctor, Jen!” O, here we go.

I have been to several doctors over the years; have had sonograms, MRIs, x-rays, biopsies, and even a CAT scan. We have ruled out PCOS, MS, tumors, etc. This makes sense to me that this is related to my spine. This is the missing link. God designed our bodies to work well and to heal, but when the nervous system isn’t functioning correctly it can’t work at 100% capacity. Where is your nervous system? Your spine! And mine needs help.

I am excited to get started on this next step in my journey. After the first adjustment I woke up before my alarm and felt well-rested. I’ll take that!


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