O yeah, I have a blog.   And a dog!

And a new job…and husband…and new house…

Things have changed a bit since I have written a post, and for that I apologize.  A quick snapshot of events in chronological order; James transferred locations, he proposed, we bought a house, he surprised me with a puppy, I went back to my old job, and we got married.  I think that is how it all went down.  That all happened in just under 4 months, no big deal really.

How did all of that happen so quickly!?  My HR manager wondered the same thing as she was shocked to see my calm composure and no grey hair while planning a wedding in three months.  We are incredibly blessed, and I found a man who doesn’t let things stress him out!  Our goal was to have a wedding with as little stress as possible, and I would like to say we were successful.  What is the key to having a low-stress wedding?  For us it was to realize it isn’t about that one day.  Yes, that day is great – but it is about the MARRIAGE and life that you are about to begin together!  When looking at it from that perspective, the extravagant wedding day just did not make sense to us.  It also doesn’t hurt that we are both project oriented and have careers that are timeline and cost driven, so we got a lot of things done very quickly in order to check things off of the list.  If we could do it online, we did it.  If something wasn’t necessary, then it probably didn’t get purchased and I doubt people missed it…if they did then I didn’t hear about it. They will get over it.

We have been married for a little over two months now, and we are training our puppy little by little.  She is a bit of a mess at times, but then she is so sweet and cute you just can’t be mad at her!  She is half American Pit and half American Bully, so she will be a big girl.  She is five months old and her shoulders are up to my knee in height, but I think she is slowing down growing vertically and beginning to broaden out.  She is growing into her legs!  She was one leggy pup for a bit.  My family seems to enjoy the stories of her going into the neighbor’s pond then hiding under our bed and barking at me in protest of being out of the pond and bathed, so I will have some of those to share in the future.  Right now you can enjoy the picture of the day we got her and stare in awe of her adorableness.  She isn’t that small anymore, but she is still adorable! 🙂



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