Maybe this time. 

Maybe this time I will actually write in my blog consistently again. It has been a bit, and life has gotten incredibly busy, but I am going to be hopeful. A few things have changed since I last posted. I now have a soon to be one year old that is ruling the nest right now. Little Miss Carolyn Jo is quite a wild one, so I can see many stories in the future. I wish I had been documenting them the whole time!  

I have a new hobby that keeps me busy crafting, and a new Independent Consulting opportunity for a company that I believe in and will be sharing more about. 

I still have my “real job” too…and the metal business “job”…so I have a few things to keep me busy. 

When I list this stuff it helps me realize why I feel a little spread thin at times! It might be time to cutback a bit in some areas. We’ll see how long that lasts if it happens.  Maybe this time it will. 


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