She’s a Wild One

Wow.  How do I have a one year old?  This year has gone by SO fast and I have heard they just get faster.  We went from not even knowing the gender of little Miss Carolyn Jo to having a wild, crazy, rambunctious, entertainer who loves to make people smile!  It is amazing how much personality one little body can contain.  Not only is she an entertainer, but she is smart too!  She knows where her eyes, nose, and mouth are, and can  neigh like a horse.  We are starting at the most important things first 🙂

Now life will get even crazier, this weekend she decided she could walk instead of crawl.  She is such a fast crawler she really just seemed to prefer that to walking!  But not anymore, she is even more mobile than she was.  Pray for us.  The child is a wild one.


I had to make us matching shirts…obviously.  She won’t want to match her mom for too much longer, I will take advantage of it while I can.  18698428_10105409084857548_5271004538567312825_n.jpg


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