Baby Steps

The Little One legitimately took baby steps two weeks ago and hasn’t slowed down since, but that isn’t what this is about. This is about baby steps to better health and cleaner living!

I have seen some posts about not worrying about everything, and they will use products known to cause health issues because they have bigger things to worry about. I get it. We can’t worry about everything, and there is no sense in worrying about everything!  Here is my question though, if there is an easy alternative to a known risk…why not do it?  Take sunscreen for example – there are safer alternatives in the same section that you pick up the risky ones!  Why not pick up a safer one?  It might require some research, but lucky for us there are places that have already done the researching!  OK, so it does take some forethought.  

Finding simple safer swaps doesn’t have to be a big deal or time consuming task; find a resource you trust and go with that recommendation. If you find a better recommendation later, great! Go buy it! Or order it online, even easier!  Making better choices doesn’t have to be an ordeal, and once you know something it is hard to ignore it. Start looking into basic items or foods, find resources you trust and make logical sense, and move onto the next item once you get that one swapped. One or two items and shopping trip and in no time you have better options and more knowledge!  

Baby steps. That isn’t so hard, right?  What have you swapped for a safer option? 


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