Time to trim

We probably missed the most ideal time to trim the hedges and rose bushes, but we have busy jobs and a baby…so forgive us. 

While James trimmed the hedges I realized you have to remove some of the “good stuff” too. Branches with pretty roses were removed to create a healthier environment for the branches that were staying so that they could grow and thrive. How often do we need to trim in our lives?  What “good stuff” do we have that is preventing other “good stuff” to grow and thrive?  What are we holding onto that is preventing the good stuff to become great?  I think it is time to trim some things from our agenda to allow things in our lives to thrive. We fill our days with “good stuff” and don’t have time to sit back and reflect or enjoy. 

We live in the margins, in the downtime, but we have selected narrow margins to write our story. How much are we missing that could be great?


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